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Ratio & Proportion
1. Ratio
2. Proportion
3. Unitary method
4. Fraction to Percentage & vice versa.
5. Decimal to Percentage & vice versa.
1. Perimeters of 2D figures
2. Formulae of Perimeter of the standard figures.
3. Areas of 2D figures
4. Formulae of Areas of the standard figures.
5. Sums based on Total cost.
1.Standard units of measurement
2. Types of motion
3. Transparent, Opaque & translucent objects
4. Electric cell
5. Electric conductors & insulators
6. Where do we get water from
7. How can we conserve water
8. What is Air made up of
9. Vermicomposting
10. Plastic - Boon or a Curse
1. Term/s
2. Expression
3. Polynomial
4. Types of Polynomials
5. Addition/Subtraction of Polynomials.
1. Ratio
2. Proportion
3. Unitary method
4. Fraction to Percentage & vice versa.
5. Decimal to Percentage & vice versa.
1. Why do we respire
2. Soil profile
3. Types of soil
4. Circulatory system
5. Heart & heartbeat
6. Transportation of water & minerals in plants
7. Speed & its units
8. Measurement of time & its units
9. Forms of water
10. Modes of reproduction in plants
1. Difference between Expression and Equation.
2. Degree of the Equation.
3.Linear Equation.
4. Solution of the Linear Equation.
5. Reducing Linear Equations to simpler form.
1. Areas of a General Quadrilateral
2. Area of the Polygons.
3. Formulae of Surface Areas and Volumes of the 3D figures.
4. Sums based on Surface Areas of the 3D figures.
5. Sums based on Volumes of the 3D figures
1. How does Air gets polluted
2. Green house effect
3. Moon & it's phases
4. Constellation
5. Laws of reflection
6. Structure of an Eye
7. Lighting
8. Earthquakes & their causes.
9. Force & its types
10. Pressure & atmospheric pressure.
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Are you getting lost in the new age of learning? Then, Kaqsha is the platform for you, where we nurture your learning experience with personal attention even through online means. For us, every student is important; thus, we ensure Holistic Child Development at our Small group Private Tutoring.

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